The Goons of Balatroon (GOB) ecosystem consists of NFT-integrated, risk-based gaming and social experiences revolving around wacky, funny characters that live in the meme-packed world of Balatroon.

What is Balatroon?

A fusion of gaming innovation, blockchain utility, and wacky meme culture is what defines us. Within this world, GOB showcases the next-gen of community building by leveraging crypto ideologies on top of notable game titles, a world for gamers and crypto-enthusiasts alike.

Digital assets power the heart of this world, each serving a specific purpose. They include:

  • $GOB Token: used to purchase assets in our world, especially in-game, and governs the underlying economy with transparent voting power for holders.

  • $CHUNKS Token: used as the utility token to wager in games (Risk mode, Tournament mode, etc.) and supports the Risk-To-Earn model of the ecosystem.

  • Gaming NFTs: functional and dynamic in-game assets that provide exclusive access within our games and the ecosystem as a whole.

Gaming, Gaming, Gaming!

Our gaming mission is to replicate the successes of traditional games while enhancing the in-game economies with cutting-edge crypto technologies.

The games are free-to-play but offer crypto-native modes where players wager against each other in a battle of skill - a model we call Risk-To-Earn.

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