Getting Started

Balatroon Blitz is currently at an early game development stage. All information posted about the game is subject to change at any time without notice. Use it only as a rough guide of what to expect from any future releases.

Balatroon Blitz is an autobattler strategy game in early-stage development. Players directly battle each other in risk-based gameplay to earn rewards. It is a game with winners and losers, and rewards are redistributed from players with a poor gameplay strategy to those with a superior one.

What is risk-based gameplay?

The premise of risk-based gameplay is that players must risk a wager sum before entering a match. The winner of the match then takes the spoils from the loser, creating a zero-sum game. Match rewards are always exchanged directly between risk-willing game participants rather than having them generated from thin air. This creates a level of sustainability that promises a long-term vision for the game. Thus, the gameplay has an ROI component that players always want to maximize.

How does the gameplay work?

Players enter automated combat-style matches with their Goon Avatars. The result of the match is determined based on the characters' stats. Each Goon has a defined core set of stats that can be upgraded using equipment items. However, each build has its strengths and weakness, and players must balance the stats to optimize the character's performance in combat.

What are my Goon Avatar's baseline attributes?

Each Goon's baseline attributes will be embedded into the NFT's metadata. Once released, players can visit any NFT marketplace on Ethereum to view their avatar's stats.

How do I obtain items from my Goon Bod?

Each Goon Bod comes with a set of traits that can be minted into individual NFTs using the Goon Factory. The Factory will be extended with a new feature allowing you to burn your Bod and, in return, receive the associated items.

How do I loot items?

Items can be found in many places, across the world of Balatroon. Players can loot specific land terrains and randomly receive items. A platform will be created to facilitate looting and distribute fees to landowners who lock their land.

What are the benefits of locking my land?

Landowners can lock their land while keeping the NFT in self-custody. By doing so, they facilitate the generation of resources into the ecosystem and receive rewards from the following sources:

Locked landmarks receive rewards only from resource mining, albeit at a higher rate than regular parcels.

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