Goon Factory

The Goon Factory is a tool that allows players to enhance and extend the Goon Avatars. The Goon characters are avatar representations that only showcase the upper body portion of the Goon. The Factory is a place where owners can view the full-body version of their Goon, choose body traits for it, and receive a new NFT for them that is called a Goon Bod.

The next stage for the Goon Factory is integrating a new feature that will allow players to extract and mint the traits of the Goon Bod into new functional NFT Items. The minting process will occur on Arbitrum and require players to remove the Goon Bod from circulation by burning it.

The Goon Factory features are listed below.

Mint Body

Each Goons NFT is eligible to mint a single Goon Bod. This means that only 9,696 Goon Bods can ever exist because this is the number of Goons NFTs in existence.

Users can select an eligible avatar using the Mint Body function, customize a full-body version, and mint up to 5 traits into a Goon Bod NFT.

View Body

Due to the interoperable nature of Goon Bods, they can only be combined and viewed with Goon Avatars using the View Body function. To do so, choose a Goon Avatar and a Goon Bod from the list to visualize them together. Only NFTs that you own will be displayed. Mix and match them however you wish and export the resulting image.

Eligibility Checker

Goon Avatars can mint only 1 Goon Bod, and users can check if their avatar is eligible to mint a Bod using the Eligibility Checker function. The checker works by inputting the associated Goon ID, and users can find this ID by visiting the My NFTs page.

Item Conversion (Coming Soon)

Goon Bods contain a set of body traits that can be converted into individual item NFTs. These items play an important role in the Balatroon Blitz game and will live on the Arbitrum network.

Converting a set of traits into items can only occur once, so removing the Bod from circulation during conversion is important to avoid marketplace confusion. This would require the user to burn their Bod to receive the items. The Item Conversion functionality will facilitate this process.

This functionality is currently in development and will be released in early Q2 2023.

Inventory (Coming Soon)

The Inventory will be a place to display the collection of items that the player owns. It will display the 6 available item categories and the range of items that are associated with them.

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