Abilities are special effects, powers, or behaviors found on cards. A keyword usually indicates them on the card with bold text. The TCG has a wide range of abilities that get triggered in response to certain events in-game.

Warcry is a creature ability that activates immediately upon the card coming into play. This is the most common card ability in the game, but it offers a huge variety of effects.

Opposite to Warcry, Last Breath is a creature ability that activates immediately upon the card leaving play. This means that the ability gets triggered upon the creature's death.

Insult is a creature ability that forces the opponent to attack it first before anything else. If an enemy creature with insult is on the board, you cannot attack the enemy’s avatar until this creature is destroyed.

Barrier is a creature ability that protects the creature from a single damage hit. Once this ability is activated, the first damage the creature suffers is nulled, and the barrier disappears afterward. It is only a one-time protective shield.

Ensnare is a creature ability that freezes an enemy creature upon dealing damage. When a creature with ensnare deals damage to another creature, it ensnares it for 1 turn. An ensnared creature cannot attack the following turn.

MIA is a creature ability that puts the creature in a dormant state when it is placed on the battlefield. During a dormant state, the creature cannot attack, receive damage, or be targeted and needs to wait a specific number of turns before waking up. Upon waking up, the card gets activated as it is placed from the hand and into the battlefield.

Leech is a creature ability that heals the friendly avatar when it deals damage. The healing amount is equal to the damage inflicted.

Untouchable is an ability that gives immunity to a character until the end of the turn. Once activated, the creature or avatar cannot receive any damage for 1 turn.

Censor is a creature ability that targets another creature and removes all its abilities. Any active or untriggered abilities are nulled while the ATK/HP stats remain unchanged.

Mystery is a type of spell card with a delayed, hidden effect, which only occurs when a specific event occurs. When cast, the opponent does not know the nature of the card until it is activated.

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