Goon Pack NFTs are consumable items that serve a purpose similar to loot boxes. Players can "redeem" a pack they own by opening it and receiving a randomized selection of collectible Goon Cards.

The 394,000 Genesis cards can only be minted through Genesis packs. There are 110,800 packs split between two types:

Genesis Pack NameCards/PackPack SupplyCard Supply

Regular Pack




Bonus Pack




Pack Opening Mechanics

Once a Genesis pack NFT is obtained, it can be "opened" using the unpacker page. As users select their pack of interest and interact with the Wizard to open it, an authorization notification will appear to burn the pack.

Burning a digital asset means permanently removing it from circulation. One way to do this is by sending the asset to an unspendable address that no one can access. It is important to remove an opened pack from circulation to avoid its resale to unsuspecting buyers who could think that it is still redeemable for cards. The burn action is a way to avoid such marketplace confusion.

Once the user authorizes the burn, the system will randomly mint card(s) to the user's wallet.

Card Reveal Rules

The card's rarity determines the probability of getting it in a pack. More on this here. However, a few additional rules are applied to the regular Genesis pack reveal:

  • Maximum 3 rare cards

  • Maximum 1 epic card

  • Maximum 1 legendary card

  • Maximum 1 shiny Card

How to Purchase Goon Packs?

Since all the Goon packs were minted, players can obtain Goon pack NFTs by purchasing them directly from the Sphere marketplace on Beam.

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