Looting Land

Players can pay a fee and loot Items from 1 of the 12 terrains and randomly discover 3 items native to it. However, players can only choose to mint 1 item, while the remaining 2 items can be minted for an additional fee. Any unminted items are then discarded.

Lootable Items

The following lootable items can be found:

  • Relics: inventory items that fit into the legs, feet, waist, accessory Hand, or weapon hand slots.

  • Creature: inventory items that fit into the companion slot.

  • Blueprints: key items used to craft inventory items.

Fee Sharing

Only locked land NFTs are eligible to receive a share of fees from all looting activities on their associated terrain. The reward amount will depend on several factors:

  • The total number of land NFTs locked.

  • The total fees generated.

  • The land's terrain level.

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