Items are in-game objects that players collect to assist their gameplay progress and battle performance.


There are 3 item types in Balatroon Blitz:

  • Equipment: a wearable item that modifies the character and provides stat bonuses and unique abilities. They're vital in giving all characters a fighting chance in battle and creating a strategic layer to combat style. Each item has its own set of unique stat bonuses that, when equipped, are added to the baseline stats of the Avatar.

  • Resources: a consumable item that facilitates in-game activities such as bribing and crafting. Resources are depleted from the inventory as they are used.

  • Blueprints: a key item that unlocks crafting capabilities.


The inventory is a place to view collected items such as equipment, resources, and blueprints. It is also where players can equip items into any of the 6 available item slots that enhance their character in battle.


Items can be directly acquired through the following activities:

Players can also choose to purchase items from other players on secondary markets.

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