Goon Avatars

Goon Avatars are the main playable characters in the game and, during the initial experimental release, will be the only way to access the game. In later game stages, partner collections and free players can also participate in the game.

Races and Classes determine the combat archetypes available to players. Character type determines the race, while the fur trait determines the character class. The two categories are combined to define the character's baseline array of Attributes.

Various Traits modify these baseline attributes, with stat bonuses. Rarer traits are highly coveted as they provide more powerful and unique bonuses to the character's baseline. However, trait rarity only defines a small portion of the character's overall attribute power and potential performance in battles. Items play a significant role in enhancing the character's attributes and establishing game-winning strategies.

Common Goons can therefore be just as capable as the rarer Goons to become a top performer and achieve a positive ROI, in the game's risk-based model.

NFT Metadata

Goons NFTs come with two types of metadata properties that are viewable in NFT marketplaces:

  • Traits: Descriptive categories that visually represent the appearance of the character. Each trait uniquely modifies the avatar's attributes.

  • Attributes: Numerical categories that define the baseline attribute levels of the character.

Only traits are currently available for viewing, while the attributes will be added to the NFT metadata in early Q2, 2023.

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