Resources are consumable items used to craft Blueprints and bribe Companions. They are automatically mined from locked land and become available for direct purchase in Balatroon marketplaces. It is a scarce item whose availability and price depend upon the total daily production of the world's locked land.

Crafting Blueprints

Blueprints enable players to craft specific items using resources. They come with a recipe indicating the amount and type of resources needed to craft an item. Once a blueprint is crafted, the resources are depleted and removed from the player's inventory, and in return, a new item NFT is received.

Bribing Companions

Players can recruit companions to assist them in battle. However, the companion will require a bribe, paid in resources, to join the match. Each companion will request payment for different resources, and once provided, the resources are depleted and removed from the player's inventory. Players can pay in advance for multiple battles, and companions will become inactive once this battle allocation is exhausted.

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