Item Conversion

Goon Bods are made out of a set of traits that always co-exist together in a single NFT. Introducing a functional layer to the traits creates a new dynamic that paves the way to isolating the traits into individual NFTs. Converting a set of traits into individual items is the next logical step because gamers and collectors who seek a specific item shouldn't need to purchase a whole set with other undesired items. It helps isolate the uniqueness of each item, visibly display it to the community and simplify the usability of the Items.

Conversion Process

Converting a set of traits into items can only occur once through a burning mechanism. Burning an NFT is the equivalent of destroying it. One way to do this is by sending the asset to an inaccessible address that no one controls.

As a result, the process is one-directional and will remove the user's Bod from circulation. In exchange, the user will receive the items associated with the Bod.


The items will be exclusively minted on the Arbitrum network as part of our initiative to migrate our game ecosystem there. This means that although the burning authorization happens on Ethereum, the items will be automatically minted on Arbitrum and into the same wallet that contained the Bod.

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