NFT Gaming Integration

Players can control their journey through the GOB universe using functional and dynamic digital assets. NFTs are integrated into our games and serve various gameplay purposes while allowing players to retain ownership of their game progress.

Six different sets of NFTs exist in the GOB ecosystem and can be used across the two games.

The Goon Wars TCG

Goon Avatars

Goon Avatars serve as the in-game avatar representation of the player during TCG battles. Currently, in development, the following additional perks will be given to avatars:

  • Access to exclusive tournaments and premium leaderboards

  • In-game special abilities


Goon Pack NFTs are consumable items that serve a purpose similar to loot boxes. Players can redeem a pack they own by opening (aka burning) it and receiving a randomized selection of collectible Goon Cards. This is the primary way for players to collect all 260 cards.


Cards serve a fundamental role in the TCG combat gameplay and deck building. Players can collect up to 260 card NFTs and use them in battles against other players. Each card has unique abilities and attributes that dictate the player's strategy in battle.

Balatroon Blitz

Goon Avatars

Goon Avatars are the only way to have battle access in Balatroon Blitz. They define the character's build and core set of attributes. Players can enhance their avatar with item integration, which optimizes battle performance and increases gameplay ROI.

Goon Bods

Goon Bods are body extensions of the avatar that players can generate with custom traits. Initially released as a body with a set of traits, it would now be possible to extract the traits and convert them into separate item NFTs for the Balatroon Blitz game. As a result, Bods act as a medium to receive functional in-game items.


Items are in-game objects that players collect to assist their Balatroon Blitz gameplay progress and battle performance. They include equipment, resources, and blueprints. Players can use them for character upgrades, item crafting, and companion bribing.


World of Balatroon land parcels tap into the underlying economic layer of the Balatroon Blitz economy. Landowners can lock their parcel and, in return, receive real-yield rewards generated from player activity. These include rewards from Land Looting and Resource Mining.

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