Resource Mining

Resources are consumable items mined from land and available for purchase on marketplaces. It is a scarce item whose availability depends on the total daily production of the world's locked land.

Players can purchase the accumulated resources for two purposes:

Daily Production

The total daily production of a given resource depends on the sum of daily production from all locked parcels that contain the resource in question. At the same time, each parcel's individual daily production depends on its terrain and resource levels.

Fee Sharing

A portion of the fees used to purchase each resource gets distributed daily back to the locked lands that generated it. The daily reward amount for a given resource will depend on the following formula:

For a given day and resource:

  • Parcel Reward = Total Reward * Parcel Share


  • Total Reward = Total Fees Generated * Total Landowner % Share

  • Parcel Share = Amount Generated / Total Amount Generated


Resources are mined as ERC20 tokens and act as in-game tokens with specific utility. No official liquidity will be created from them, and the tokens will have no inherent value beyond their gameplay utilization. The price of the resources will be dynamic and depend on various supply and demand forces.

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