Equipment is classified as wearable items that modify character stats and provide special effects in battle. Equipment is categorized by the attribute slot to which it belongs. There are 6 available item slots in the inventory that are used to enhance your character: Legs, Feet, Waist, Accessory Hand, Weapon Hand, and Companion.

Legs, Feet, and Waist Slots

Legs, Feet, and Waist make up the wearable equipment slots in Balatroon Blitz. They grant stat bonuses and status effects during combat. Avatars start with no items equipped, but users can acquire them, for free, through the Goon Factory.

Accessory Hand Slot

Accessories are items that bestow a variety of special effects during battle. Players can use them to boost various stats or utilize them during combat for immediate and/or temporary effects. Some accessories can act as battle consumables, usable only once during each match played.

Weapon Hand Slot

Weapons are offensive items that are used to deal damage to opponents. They are critical in defining a character's build and attack strategy. Weapons come with a set of stats that combine with the avatar in the following way:

  • Damage (DMG): combines with Strength.

  • Accuracy (ACC): combines with Dexterity.

  • Weight (WGT): combines with Agility.

  • Critical Damage (CRT DMG): an attack multiplier dependent on Critical Hit.

Weapons can have optional, chance-based Status Effects that can inflict extra/special damage.

Companion Slot

Companions are friendly creatures that assist players in combat in exchange for a bribe paid in resources. They boast similar attributes as the Goon Avatars and can dramatically change the combat dynamics through their unique qualities. These qualities include absorbing enemy attacks, regenerating avatar health, boosting avatar stats, disabling an enemy attribute slot, and more.

Companions do not need to be defeated to win the game.

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