Getting Started

The Goon Wars Trading Card Game is in the open beta stage and undergoing regular improvements. The game is free-to-play, and there are no requirements to start playing today!

Players can access the game here after first registering an account.

What are the gameplay rules?

A comprehensive How-To-Play guide is available that outlines all the basic gameplay rules to kick off your adventure!

How to start a battle?

Once logged in, players can choose between two ranked game modes. Constructed mode allows players to bring their pre-built deck into battle, while in Random mode, players start a match with a random deck created from all the cards available in the active card pool.

Alternatively, a player can challenge a friend directly to battle. However, the match will be considered casual and not count toward your rank.

How to improve my constructed deck?

New players can improve their constructed deck by obtaining Goon Card NFTs in one of two ways:

  1. Purchase a card pack from the Sphere marketplace on Beam and redeem it using the unpacker page. Each silver pack contains 5 random Goon Cards, while each bronze pack contains only 1 random Goon Card.

  2. Purchase a specific card from another player using the Sphere marketplace on Beam.

What are the rewards?

All players with at least 1 completed match get ranked in the leaderboard. The top 100 players with at least one win all get NFT-based rewards. For the prizes breakdown, visit the leaderboard page.

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