GOB currently has two games in development - an open beta PvP trading card game and a PvP strategy game in early stage development.

Goon Wars TCG

Our flagship gaming product is a trading card game where players battle each other with 300 wacky and quirky cards. The game is available on desktop web browsers and native mobile apps (iOS & Android). It is free-to-play for all, with game modes in development where players wager on a winner-takes-all game of skill.

The humorous nature of the cards is very much a reflection of the loose and fun nature of the Balatroon fantasy universe. Deck optimization is a critical part of the gameplay as players discover how to channel their best strategies using their cards.

Balatroon Blitz

Our follow-up game is a strategy game called Balatroon Blitz, available on desktop web browsers upon release. Players battle each other directly with their Goons characters. The Goons have a core set of stats that can be altered using items looted from the World of Balatroon. Depending on the build and setup, each Goon will enter a battle with a unique strategy to determine its success or failure.

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