100% circulating supply, 1:1 Market Cap to FDV Ratio

Max Total Supply

The total max supply is 500,000,000, of which 95% was fully released to the market upon launch. This means the circulating supply instantly equaled 95% of the total supply. The remaining 5% is airdropped to ecosystem participants for qualified activities at a random date once the snapshot is announced. The airdrop will happen much later after the TGE to boost economic and trading activity.

Total Supply

The total supply is hyper-deflationary due to a native tax system with a burning mechanism that perpetually decreases the supply with its market adoption. For every DEX sell trade, a 1% burn occurs on both the buy and sell sides.

Token Level Tax System

The token has a 6%/6% tax system on all buy and sell transactions on DEX trades. As the token matures and the market cap grows, the tax level will proportionally decrease to accommodate market adoption.

Fair Launch

No participants other than fair launch buyers via the LP or airdrop hold any supply. There are no team tokens or any other vesting ecosystem tokens. Influencers buy tokens via the WL on launch, and no free token allocations are given out.

The participants in the fair launch can be anybody, ranging from VCs, smart money, GOB community members, friends of the network, and general crypto market participants willing to join our ecosystem.

The full details of the fair launch are as follows:



Fair Launch happened on Arbitrum on May 3rd, 2023, at 16:00 UTC / 12:00 EST, with liquidity loaded onto Camelot DEX.


The token launched with a 5k USDC liquidity and, therefore, a $5,000 market cap. The pair will be CHUNKS/USDC.


Community, selected partners, and influencers were invited to participate in the whitelist. Only whitelisted addresses could participate in the first 30 minutes of the listing. Afterward, the restrictions were removed, and the listing was opened to the public.

Allocation Limit

A maximum of 0.5% supply per wallet limit applies to WL buyers for the initial 30 minutes. The current max supply per wallet limit is 4.99%.


Slippage must be set to 7% to allow the transaction to go through while considering the 6%/6% tax model.

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