Tax System

A decreasing model, proportional to market cap growth

The $CHUNKS token has a 6% tax system on buy and sell transactions.

Set minimum slippage to 7% when trading the token on the DEX. The additional 1% slippage is required due to LP trading fees.

The purpose of the collected taxes is outlined below and is measured as a percentage of the overall trading volume from both the buy and sell sides:


3%/1% (buy/sell)

$CHUNKS auto LP replenishment

0%/2% (buy/sell)

$CHUNKS burn


$CHUNKS token holder reflection

1%/1% (buy/sell)

1%/1% (buy/sell)


Funds collected in the GOB DAO will be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Development initiatives

  • Marketing and KOLs

  • Operations

Liquidity Pool Auto Replenishment

A portion of the taxes gets auto-rerouted into the $CHUNKS liquidity pools to make the tokens more liquid as the market cap grows. The auto-LP replenishment is skewed toward sell volume, as re-filling the pool with liquidity is crucial during downtrends.


A tax category that makes the token’s supply hyper-deflationary as it is performed on both buy and sell transactions. The supply is fixed at launch and will perpetually decrease with its market adoption.

Token Holder Reflection

A percentage from each transaction will auto-disperse to $CHUNKS token holders who may not participate in GOB’s gaming ecosystem but prefer holding or trading it. This component helps to make the token more attractive and drives its market adoption.

Goon NFTs Holder Reflection

Similarly to the token holder reflection except pertaining to the Goon NFTs collection that sits at the heart of our ecosystem.

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