World of Balatroon

Balatroon is a peninsula divided into 12 unique terrains containing 9,696 land parcel NFTs. Terrains are identified by distinctive features and are home to many unique creatures, relics, and resources. A level system accompanies the terrains that affect aesthetics, resource production, and rewards.

The land NFTs come with an important, lockable feature. Instead of being transferred to a smart contract, the NFT can remain in self-custody but remain locked. While the NFT is locked, its transfer is prohibited, and the parcel is eligible for several rewards:

  • A one-time mint of its associated relic and creature items.

  • Rewards from Land Looting.

  • Rewards from Resource Mining.

  • Rewards from crafting.

The land properties are listed below.


Lands are associated with one of the 12 terrains and have a 3-tier leveling system. The higher the terrain level, the more resources and rewards it generates through its locking mechanism.


Land creatures act as the Goon Avatar's friendly Companions. There are 4 creature rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each terrain has its native creatures that cannot be found anywhere else. Every parcel contains a creature.


Relics are powerful items with special effects that can be equipped into any of the Goon Avatar's inventory slots, except for the companion slot, which is exclusively reserved for creatures. There are 4 relic rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.


Resources are crafting materials used to create items and pay for companion bribes. They are mined through locked land and can be bought through landmarks. Landowners control the availability and daily production of resources. The more land is locked, the higher the daily production. Each parcel's daily production depends on its terrain and resource levels. Demand and supply forces are applied against resources to determine their price.


Landmarks act as the marketplace for resources. They facilitate the sale of resources to players and receive rewards from the fees generated by players purchasing resources. The reward is calculated only on resources mined from the landmark's native terrain. Only 2 landmarks appear on each terrain, and the rewards are equally shared between them.

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