Genesis is the first collection series set of the Goon Cards. The series contains 260 unique collectible card NFTs with a total supply of 394,000 digital prints. Additionally, there are 50 core non-collectible cards.

The complete card list can be viewed here.

Non-Collectible Cards

Non-collectible cards are the core starting cards for all players. They help onboard new players to the game and introduce gameplay basics. As the name suggests, players cannot collect or trade these cards.

Non-collectible cards are visually distinguished by the absence of the rarity gemstone. The rarity property naturally doesn't exist for such cards.

Collectible NFT Cards

Collectible cards are NFT cards that players, collectors, and speculators can buy, sell, and trade. Each card is assigned a fixed number of prints that will never increase. The higher the rarity, the lower the print number. Players have full ownership of their cards and can use them in-game or trade them in the Sphere marketplace.

The NFT cards exist on Beam, a layer-2 blockchain for gaming on the Avalanche network.

Card Release Status

Cards are being developed and released incrementally, so not all of them are currently available for gameplay. To see which cards are available in-game, visit the card page and utilize the Availability filter.

How to purchase Goon Cards?

Players can obtain Goon card NFTs in one of two ways:

  1. Purchase a card pack from the Sphere marketplace on Beam and redeem it using the unpacker page. Each silver pack contains 5 random Goon Cards, while each bronze pack contains only 1 random Goon Card.

  2. Purchase a specific card from another player using the Sphere marketplace on Beam.

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