Game Modes

Players can start a ranked match that will count towards their leaderboard ranking via either constructed or random mode. The matchmaking system groups players from both game modes into a single pool, so players in constructed mode could battle those from random mode and vice versa.

Casual games can alternatively be initiated via Challenge a Friend game mode.

Constructed Mode

Constructed allows players to bring their pre-built 30-card deck into battle. All players automatically receive a randomly generated 30-card deck, which they can instantly bring to battle. However, players can freely modify the deck or create new ones with different strategies.

Risk Mode

Risk mode has similar gameplay as constructed mode but introduces an element of risk that allows players to wager tokens on themselves during gameplay against other players. The winner of the game takes the tokens away from the loser.

Random Mode

Random mode allows players to get familiar with the game and get a taste of all the cards in the ecosystem. In this mode, players get a random deck of cards from all the cards available in the active card pool. Since getting any card has an equal chance, the generated deck can often be misbalanced.

Challenge a Friend

Players can add friends to the list using the Friends Tab and invite them into a match. Battles in this mode do not count toward ranking and are considered casual matches.

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