Elements define the class of the card. Each class channels different gameplay strategies and creates a unique meta around the deck. For example, electric cards usually have abilities that inflict area-of-effect damage, while fire cards usually inflict single high-value damage.

There are 5 elements: Neutral, Water, Earth, Fire, and Electricity. A symbol at the top and a dedicated frame distinguish the card's element.

Elemental Synergy

Many creature abilities and spells have effects that are dependent on elements. For example:

  • Upon death, Aggressive Nightstand damages all non-neutral creatures on the battlefield

  • Casting Majestic Timberwander gives a creature +1/+1 based on the number of earth cards in hand.

  • Casting Grounded gives a creature +3/+3 only if it is electrical. Otherwise, it inflicts 3 damage.

Tile Effect

When a creature is placed on the battlefield tile, the tile automatically transforms into the creature's element. Such tile effects can create further elemental synergy with spells and creature abilities:

  • When placed on the battlefield, Boris the Vodka Shaman doubles the attack of all creatures on water tiles until the end of the turn.

  • When placed on the battlefield, Amphibious Regent gives all creatures on water tiles +2 attack.

  • After an opponent plays a creature, Hypnomech is activated and deals damage to it equal to the number of electric tiles in play.

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