Attributes are the natural, pre-defined characteristics that govern the baseline gameplay performance of the Goon Avatars. All Goons come with predefined core attribute levels inherited from their class and traits. They combine together with Equipment to define the character's base core gameplay stats.

6 key attributes are used to define the character's capabilities in battle. They are Vitality, Strength, Toughness, Dexterity, Agility, and Luck.

Vitality determines the character's resistance to damage and death. It directly increases the character's maximum health.

Strength determines the damage the character can inflict with a weapon. For example, a strength of 80 means the avatar has a baseline of 80 damage when it attacks before any modifiers are calculated.

Toughness improves the character's ability to withstand damage. It directly increases the armor stat. For example, if an avatar receives 80 damage but has a toughness of 20, it would only take 60 damage. Defense cannot completely block an attack, so the minimum attack received is always 1.

Dexterity determines the chance of a weapon landing an attack. The attribute works with the weapon's accuracy stat to control the chance of a successful hit or miss in combat.

Agility determines the chance of successfully dodging an enemy attack. The stat is calculated only on attacks that would successfully hit an Avatar.

Luck is a chance modifier that impacts attack accuracy, dodge ability, and critical hit chance.

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