Risk Mode

The game has a risked-based game mode that allows players to wager tokens on themselves during gameplay against other players. Players engage in a zero-sum game where a player’s gain is equivalent to another's loss, so the net change in wealth within the system is zero. This is key to ensuring several things:

  • Non-sustainable forces do not inflate the supply of tokens.

  • Skill-based gameplay determines a player’s ROI.

  • Incentivizes players to purchase digital assets (ex., Card NFTs) to improve their playability and winnings odds.

Wagering Rules

To start a match in Risk Mode, a player must:

  • Acquire $CHUNKS tokens and deposit them into their in-game balance.

  • Start a battle by holding a minimum in-game balance of 10,000 $CHUNKS.

Battle matchmaking is based on a combination of player rank and RNG:

  • Two players are matched to start the battle.

  • The winner receives 9,000 $CHUNKS from the loser. GOB takes 1,000 as a platform fee.

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